”Jesus Christ did plastic surgery,” Ghanaian actress Nana Frema


“Jesus Christ did plastic surgery,” Ghanaian actress Nana Frema says defends her plastic surgery

Nana Frema, a Ghanaian actress has defended getting a plastic surgery as she claimed Jesus Christ did plastic surgery after renowned former highlife artiste now Evangelist, Papa Shee stated that women wearing makeup and undergoing plastic surgery will go to hell.

Nana Frema makes shocking defence to her plastic surgery

Nana Frema Koranteng who is one of the few Ghanaian female celebrities who have admitted publicly to have undergone body surgery to gain a curvy shape, disclosed that she visited one Dr. Dominic Obengfo of Obengfo Hospital for the surgical process.

According to her, she visited the doctor to suction excess fatty tissue from her body to make her buttocks big, because growing up, she had a “stomach bloated and you know when your stomach becomes big, your buttocks starts to shrink. So, I had a go at it in order to return to my former state”.

Nana who sat for an interview with Kwame Adjetia on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” show, stated that Jesus Christ was the first person to perform plastic surgery on a human being.

She backed her claims with Luke 22:51 and further said:

Jesus Christ did a plastic surgery. Somebody’s ears were cut off and he fixed it. It was surgery. God is the one who has given doctors the knowledge.


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