How I Give Myself Orgasm – Nollywood Actress, Amara Maduka Reveals


In a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, actress Amara Maduka revealed how she has been coping without a man and how she gives herself the best orgasm.

In the interview, the actress mentioned she is dating herself and she uses sex toys to give herself the maximum pleasure.

Here is what she said:

“I wouldn’t say I’m single. I’m simply self-dating. I take myself out,
buy myself good stuff, spoil myself and, of course, give myself the best
orgasm. Yes, I use sex toys. They save lives. You should try it. They are so
loyal to you. They don’t give you drama. You don’t share them with others. They
don’t cheat too!

“They are the best. I don’t worry I would get addicted to them because
personally nothing has control over me. I can dump it in a heartbeat if I want
to. I use it; it doesn’t use me. I can do without sex. Good sex is great but
then, e no be food. When the time comes to dump them, I know how to go about
it,” she squealed.


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