Iceberg Slim rocks “African Men Don’t Cheat” top


Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim rocks “African Men Don’t Cheat” top

Nigerian rapper and ex-boyfriend of Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, Iceberg Slim took to his social media space to share the photo below.

Iceberg Slim

He rocked a sweatshirt with “African Men Don’t Cheat’ inscribed on it.

Juliet had in October confirmed that her love relationship with the Nigerian no longer exists. She, however, refused to speak on allegations that the relationship did not work because her boyfriend cheated on her.

Juliet Ibrahim and Slim: When the going was sweet

“The thing is we don’t want to go for anybody, I carried myself. When you are in love, you do crazy things and things happen and you move on, I don’t know because they say and I hear all sorts of things but people close to me know what happened. I wouldn’t say because no matter what I respect the people that I have been with. We broke up on a mutual term,” Juliet Ibrahim told Accra-based Joy FM.


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