If anything happens to me, hold my ex responsible – Nollywood Actress Etonisa Idemudia


CELEBRITY GIST: Nollywood actress Etonisa Idemudia has taken to her Instagram handle to call out her ex-husband, Navy Lieutenant Commander Babatunde Solomon Korede. She accused the officer of domestic violence and sees him as threat to her life.

According to her, she disclosed that she is tired of hiding from her ex-husband as she is no longer the 22-year-old girl he got married to years ago.

The girl he feels he can torture anytime he wants to. Etinosa added that, despite being an asthma patient, Solomon will have her head dipped in a bowl of water as well as strangle her.

The actress further revealed that, she had to run away from home before she was able to regain her freedom. Adding that, she left the house with one ear partially deaf, fractured ribs, stab wounds, psychological injuries and much more.

Her Instagram post reads:

“I can’t keep hiding for the rest of my life Tunde. I’m tired. You have bullied and intimidated me for 6 years! I’m not 22 years old anymore. I am not the child you married to torture at will, tie me up, put my head in a bowl of water, strangle me because you know I’m asthmatic then take me to the emergency unit of a hospital that is loyal to you. You tortured me to quit my job to be your full time slave- thankfully i never did. One time I tried to settle things btwn you and Your mother and she said you beat her up several times. She said you were cursed. I was like what kind of mother says that about her own child. Then you told me she was a witch and a prostitute, she has 4 children from different men, you locked the doors and tortured me for calling her so I stopped calling her. Please I just want to be free. Stop threatening me, stop blackmailing me. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.”

What words do you have for her?


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