See what Uche Jombo replied a lady who asked of her husband


Nollywood actress Uche Jombo had a few words for an inquisitive fan who recently asked about the whereabouts of her alleged estranged husband.

Recall that the actress fired at news headlines claiming that her marriage to Kenney Rodriguez had packed up. In a post shared on Instagram, she ranted about the divorce rumours that was trailing her marriage to the foreigner.

While she claimed that all was well between her and her man, not much has been heard about the both of them together lately.

Although Jombo had told her fans that she will keep things about her family and marriage private, some have found it weird that she has not posted anything about Kenney for months.

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In an attempt to check if all was well, an inquisitive fan asked the actress on her Instagram page where her husband was. In a rather harsh tone, Uche responded asking the inquirer if she was looking for her own.

Read the exchange below:

Between Uche Jombo and a follower who asked her the whereabouts of her husband

It is still unclear if Uche Jombo and her man are still together or if they have gone their separate ways. However, from the look of things, asking about Jombo about her marriage is the easiest way to set her off.


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